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Photo contest
to the positive Sofia’

Sofia 2012. Culturi Association in partnership with ‘Krasno Selo’ Municipality are organizing photogrpaphic contest within the framework of the project ‘Youth’s-eye-view to the positive Sofia: values, places of interest and good practices of the urban environment in pictures’ implemented under Program ‘Europe’ 2012 of the Sofia Municipality in support of Sofia`s application for European Capital of Culture 2019. Project media partner: photo news agency "Bulfoto".


‘Youth’s-eye-view to the positive Sofia’. The contest aims to reveal the positive aspects of the Bulgarian capital and the good practices that form the European image of our city: news, ethnical and cultural diversity, active civic engagement of young people. The photograph must be related to the following topics:


First award – 1000 BGN
Second award – 800 BGN
Third award – 700 BGN


Who can participate?
Professional and non-professional photographers up to age 35 can take part in the contest.
Photographers under 18 years can participate with parental consent or consent of their legal guardians.


Technical requirements
All pictures must be in digital format JPEG, must have a title and be accompanied by a short text describing the place, the situation and the message of the photo (up to 3 sentences).

The size of the image should be not less than 3000 pixels on the long side. Files ’ size should not be larger than 10MB. Every author should be able to provide raw file (photo in original size without corrections). Photo collages and photographs that are roughly digitally retouched or contain additional signs and graphics are not allowed. Pictures should be as close as possible to the natural environment that they have captured. Photos must be taken no more than two years before the launch of the competition and should not be part of other initiatives of Program ‘Europe’.


The organizers reserve the right to disqualify from the contest pictures that do not fit the theme and the technical requirements of the contest or contradict the generally accepted moral norms.


The participant in the contest guarantees they have the copyright of the picture they have presented. As an author of a given picture will be considered the applicant, whose name appears in the text of the email, which is sent to the photo contest. The participant also exempts Culturi Association and ‘Krasno Selo’ Municipality from any claims by third parties related to the use of the picture for the promotional purposes of the contest, and the publication of promotional and informational materials related to the project activities.

Each contestant shall provide Culturi Association and the Sofia Municipality with the right to publish the picture/s with which they participate in the contest for the promotional purposes of the contest, including publication of information and promotional materials related to the theme of the contest and Program 'Europe' of Sofia Municipality and Sofia's application for European Capital of Culture – 2019.


A picture for the contest can be sent by e-mail as attached file to  culturi.association@gmail.com with the following subject: ‘Photo contest - ‘Youth’s-eye-view to the positive Sofia’.


Each participant can send a maximum of 4 single pictures and / or 1 photo story up to 9 shots. In the body of the e-mail must be specified: three names of photographer, age, address, e-mail, phone.


Each photo must be sent in a separate e-mail accompanied by the above mentioned information. Attached to the e-mail should be a scanned copy of the following declaration: declaratsia.pdf


In case of a missing filled-in and signed declaration, the application shall not be considered. Every participant will receive a confirmation of its successful contest application by e-mail.


21 September 2012


The winner of the contest will be announced after October 1st on www.culturi.org.


Photos will be judged by a professional jury:


The best pictures will be included in an exhibition under the project in the Cultural Institute ‘Krasno selo’ Sofia.


Contestants agree to allow the organizers - Culturi Association and ‘Krasno Selo’ Municipality and Sofia Municipality – the photos to be part of the exhibition, which will finalize the project, to be used in publications and on the website of the Association and to be used by other media publications for advertising and presentation of the contest and promotion of Program ‘Europe’ and Sofia's application for European Capital of Culture – 2019.

For questions: 0885 635 123, 0889 165 651




Personal data will be used only for the purposes of this contest and will not be provided to third parties. Personal data will be used to identify the winners and their respective awards. The photographer agrees that organizers will use his/her name in public communications related to the contest and Program ‘Europe’ of the Sofia Municipality and Sofia`s application for European Capital of Culture 2019.


All pictures and materials published on the web page of Association “Culturi” are subject to copyright.